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Lessons Learned

Its been a while but I think that we can learn a lesson here. You see I have all these pieces of paper and all these millions of log ins. What is up with that? Seems on the internet every where you go you need a log in. I need a better way to keep up with all those log in names and passwords. Tonight I think I found it I put them all in one spot on one list. Maybe it will not take me so long to get back here.

I have been busy while away. I have several more items posted on etsy. I tried to work on my website. I really am not very good at that. But I will learn someday. Sales are getting better, my beads are getting better. I have to say practice does make perfect. But I still need lots more practice. But have a look at my etsy site and see what I mean. Much better bead making these days. Oh and the Firecrackers had another meeting. I love getting together with the group. We have such a good time and I feel like I have known them all forever.

Well check out the new beads and I will check back in soon. Have a fun summer.


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