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Lets Party ! Bead Soup style!

Lets Party ! Bead Soup style!

Beadsoup Blog Party!

I have been very lucky this year to be a part of the annual bead soup blog party. I believe this is the 8th annual. So I signed up and was paired with Robin Showstack (her blog is here: ). Wow was she generous. I have completed two necklaces, one bracelet and two sets of earrings to match some of the other pieces. I still have some left over soup and will make another set of earrings to match the second necklace and if there is anything left over after that I am sure I will find something to make. I am never without an idea or two. I am sure I will find a few on the blog hop too. So hope your having fun at the party. Let me know what you think.
Here is a link to the blog party list.    And thank you Lori for all your hard work and Lisa for all your help. You both rock!
Hugs and Love and Peace to all,

UPDATED: 5/30/14 I hope these pictures are larger for everyone. I don’t know how to make them enlarge on click. I can’t find that option on the blog.







  Sam Waghorn wrote @

Love the pieces you made with the gorgeous soup you received.

  catchenthesun wrote @

Thank you and yes Robin was very generous.

  Patty Miller wrote @

Hi Sharyl! It looks like you had a fab soup to work with. I love the oriental focal. The pics won’t enlarge though so I can’t see any detail.

  catchenthesun wrote @

Patty I am ashamed to say I do not know how to make the pictures enlarge. Oh and it is one picture with all three on it. I had trouble getting more than one to post. I will see if I can figure it out. and yes I had a wonderful soup. I still have more left to play with.

  Patty Miller wrote @

Bummer about the pics. I use E blogger and it is SO easy. Try it – you’ll like it! lol

  Robin Showstack wrote @

Wow Sharyl you did me proud! The pieces that you made are beautiful!
I am so glad that you liked all of the soup ingredients!

  catchenthesun wrote @

Thank you Robin. I am glad your pleased with them. 🙂

  Sarah wrote @

What beautiful pieces! They absolutely glow!

  Chris Haussler wrote @

It looks like you had a good time with your soup. Cheers!

  Hannah Trost wrote @

The hints of gold in the green coin piece really tie it together nicely!

  krafty max wrote @

They are all beautiful, but I am very taken with the one that is blue and green!! ~KM

  vovsjewellery wrote @

Such lovely work well done!

  Kumi Fisher wrote @

Beautiful pieces! Each one is so well balanced yet different. Lovely!

  Penny wrote @

Oh just lovely! The colour palettes are so well chosen. Just love the sparkle of the top right piece.

  Dorota wrote @

All creations are so feminine, delicate and elegant! My fav is the second necklace!

  dancekam wrote @

Beautiful soup…beautiful jewelry. Bravo!

  stregajewellry wrote @

Pretty things. for some reason, I can’t get a really good look. As I am looking at it, your sidebar looks bigger than the actual blog. I’m a WordPresser, so I won’t know if it is something I did to the computer when I get back to me own blog or if that is the way it is. SIGH.

  Barb Fernald wrote @

Pretty pieces. I especially like the second necklace. The pairing of beadas with that focal is perfect!

  Monique U wrote @

Hi Sharyl, I love the beautiful pieces you made with your soup 🙂 Though your inset photo is small (almost like a thumbnail) I saved it on my computer to view it in more detail, and your designs are just lovely. If your blog is quite new, it takes some tinkering have it perform as you wish 🙂 Keep calm and keep creating!

  Bev B wrote @

Your pieces look very nice. Too tiny to see but you received some great soup! Great job!

  Carmen wrote @

i’m not sure how to enlarge the pictures but from the tiny image, I’m loving the blue/red set and the geisha piece looks very pretty too.

  Kari Asbury wrote @

Beautiful pieces! I wasn’t sure how to enlarge picture to have a better look but they all look so pretty.

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