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Life with Georgie

Life with Georgie is interesting to say the least. I know that he knows that he runs this home. What is wrong with that you ask? Well Georgie is a cat. Granted a big 18+ pound cat and he rules the roost. Why else would I open the door at 8 am before I have had coffee, just so he can look out the door. He nips and picks and pulls until I get out of the bed and do what he wants. He sits in front of his bowl and meows and tells me when its time to feed him. He even made the point that just because the food bag was the right one, and yes he knows, did not mean it had the right food in it. Yes life with Georgie is very interesting and I would not have it any other way.
Hugs and Love,
Shari and Georgie


When I am not Catchen the Sun

Why did I name my studio Catchen the Sun. Well most of my ideas come when I am laying on a float at Norris Lake ‘catchen’ sun and Flinking.

What is flinking you ask? Why floating and drinking = flinking. I love the time we spend on Norris with my sister-in-law and her family at their houseboat. Everyone there is wonderful and we have the best time. So when it came time to name my lampwork bead and jewelry business I decided on Catchen the Sun. To give honor to when I am most creative, when I am flinking.

Now if I ever think that I might have a chance of having the time and the money to flink on my own house boat, I better get it in gear and get my studio finished and some things posted on my etsy site. Finish my website and get it up and running. General Business type things that a more organized person would be doing right now.  

Hello world!

OK This must be my first blog. Hello World. Whats happening. Well DH and the brothers in law are working on my studio. Soon we will have anyother place to play. I have been working on the logo for the Firecrackers. I hope they like the new version. I was having a lot of trouble with the first one. It just did not work for me. anyway off to see if the guys need anything. My job has been to do the running kinda like the gofer. Go fer this Go fer that. No problem for me it is cold out side. Have a good night and I hopefully will remeber to come back tomorrow.