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Lets Party ! Bead Soup style!

Lets Party ! Bead Soup style!

Beadsoup Blog Party!

I have been very lucky this year to be a part of the annual bead soup blog party. I believe this is the 8th annual. So I signed up and was paired with Robin Showstack (her blog is here: ). Wow was she generous. I have completed two necklaces, one bracelet and two sets of earrings to match some of the other pieces. I still have some left over soup and will make another set of earrings to match the second necklace and if there is anything left over after that I am sure I will find something to make. I am never without an idea or two. I am sure I will find a few on the blog hop too. So hope your having fun at the party. Let me know what you think.
Here is a link to the blog party list.    And thank you Lori for all your hard work and Lisa for all your help. You both rock!
Hugs and Love and Peace to all,

UPDATED: 5/30/14 I hope these pictures are larger for everyone. I don’t know how to make them enlarge on click. I can’t find that option on the blog.







When deciding what beads or jewelry to make it seems to be all about choices – choice of color- style- size, what to charge, what not to charge, how many to make, when to make them.


There is some help out there if you take the time to look for it. A quick internet search will yield you the Spring ‘09 fashion color forecast. Spring and summer fashions are hitting the racks and the New York Spring Fashion Week that was held in September ‘08 are all great resources for making your choice of what colors to use this spring.


But basically it all comes down to personal preference. Making the best guess I can and hoping I made the correct decision. So check back in the upcoming weeks as I start posting my Spring ’09 bead collection. I think you will be pleased.