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Been a long time coming . . . . .

It seems like forever I said I am going back to school. Well I finally did that in 2009 and that is why I have not blogged in forever. But school is done. Yeah me! Beads never really became unimportant to me but time was more precious and blogging took a back seat. I think somethings just don’t stick the first time around but mange to the second. Hopefully blogging will stick the second time. So check back often I plan to be posting new blogs weekly.

Hugs and Love,



It’s all about Goals!

Hello all, glad you chose to join me today. It’s been a while since I have taken the time to blog. I am going to make it a point to do this every week from now on. I can’t tell you what day but at least one day a week. It’s all about the goals. If you don’t have goals then you can’t grow a person. So my goals are going to be simple to start with. I will blog every week and share with you what I have been making, what new items I have posted in my store and any updates on my website and what I have been learning. Sounds simple enough.

So let’s start with what I have been making. Well not much. I have upgraded to a minor torch and I am thrilled with it. But as with anything new it is like starting over. I have been working on simple spacer beads and finding the sweet spot in the flame. I did take some time to make a cute little winter bead for the bead exchange at my Lampworking group this weekend.

I have also made a bunch of wire wrap earrings a lot of which I have posted in my etsy store. I also reposted a big hole bead also. I am thinking about getting a bead lining tool so that I can start lining them in silver and copper. I just love copper and the look you get when you add it to glass.

I have not updated my website in a while. I really am not sure where I want to go with it. I liked what I started, but then I saw someone else’s that just blew me away. But she states that she did it herself. She did a very good job. So I am working on making a decision on what I want to do with it for next year. I really have not promoted it very much but it feels good just to know that I have it and will not have to worry about someone else using the name.

As for learning something new. Well I was lucky enough that last year I received several books from a friend and they have wonderful tutorials in them and then I also have a subscription to another glass magazine that has instructions. I have made a list of what things I want to learn and I am working on that list. First up was a crayon bead or what I call a stripe bead. Since it is encased I have learned several things while making them including patience while encasing.

The other thing I am playing with is color. I make it a point to put two or more colors together that I think would not normally go together and see what they look like. I have had some interesting mixes. But that is what it is all about. Mixing and matching to make something new and exciting.

Well that’s about all I can think of today. So I am off here til next time. Please check back and if you have any comments feel free to let me know.