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Bead Soup –

Bead Soup -

So this is the bead soup I received from my partner Robin. I am super excited to create something with this. That Geisha pendant is fantastic. I see it as the major focal of whatever I make. I hope that Robin liked what I sent her. I have stressed terribly over it being “enough” good enough, quantity enough, quality enough – you know enough! She said it is. I can’t wait to see what she makes out of the things I sent to her.


Life with Georgie

Life with Georgie is interesting to say the least. I know that he knows that he runs this home. What is wrong with that you ask? Well Georgie is a cat. Granted a big 18+ pound cat and he rules the roost. Why else would I open the door at 8 am before I have had coffee, just so he can look out the door. He nips and picks and pulls until I get out of the bed and do what he wants. He sits in front of his bowl and meows and tells me when its time to feed him. He even made the point that just because the food bag was the right one, and yes he knows, did not mean it had the right food in it. Yes life with Georgie is very interesting and I would not have it any other way.
Hugs and Love,
Shari and Georgie

Been a long time coming . . . . .

It seems like forever I said I am going back to school. Well I finally did that in 2009 and that is why I have not blogged in forever. But school is done. Yeah me! Beads never really became unimportant to me but time was more precious and blogging took a back seat. I think somethings just don’t stick the first time around but mange to the second. Hopefully blogging will stick the second time. So check back often I plan to be posting new blogs weekly.

Hugs and Love,



When deciding what beads or jewelry to make it seems to be all about choices – choice of color- style- size, what to charge, what not to charge, how many to make, when to make them.


There is some help out there if you take the time to look for it. A quick internet search will yield you the Spring ‘09 fashion color forecast. Spring and summer fashions are hitting the racks and the New York Spring Fashion Week that was held in September ‘08 are all great resources for making your choice of what colors to use this spring.


But basically it all comes down to personal preference. Making the best guess I can and hoping I made the correct decision. So check back in the upcoming weeks as I start posting my Spring ’09 bead collection. I think you will be pleased.

Lessons Learned

Its been a while but I think that we can learn a lesson here. You see I have all these pieces of paper and all these millions of log ins. What is up with that? Seems on the internet every where you go you need a log in. I need a better way to keep up with all those log in names and passwords. Tonight I think I found it I put them all in one spot on one list. Maybe it will not take me so long to get back here.

I have been busy while away. I have several more items posted on etsy. I tried to work on my website. I really am not very good at that. But I will learn someday. Sales are getting better, my beads are getting better. I have to say practice does make perfect. But I still need lots more practice. But have a look at my etsy site and see what I mean. Much better bead making these days. Oh and the Firecrackers had another meeting. I love getting together with the group. We have such a good time and I feel like I have known them all forever.

Well check out the new beads and I will check back in soon. Have a fun summer.

The Studio

Well I guess I can finally move in my studio. I am so glad this day has come. I now have a building, work benches, somewhere to store my glass. What I still need it exhaust, they are working on this, and electricity, that is in the process also. They should both be done in a week or two.

The important thing to me is I can now follow my plan. I have made a plan and hopefully I will have enough decipline to stick to it. I have decided when for the most part I will torch, when I will list things on etsy and just beads. I will get finished with my website and have it published and I will  post things there. I just hope that I can live up to my own expectations.

Well until next time. Have fun and be careful.


Hello world!

OK This must be my first blog. Hello World. Whats happening. Well DH and the brothers in law are working on my studio. Soon we will have anyother place to play. I have been working on the logo for the Firecrackers. I hope they like the new version. I was having a lot of trouble with the first one. It just did not work for me. anyway off to see if the guys need anything. My job has been to do the running kinda like the gofer. Go fer this Go fer that. No problem for me it is cold out side. Have a good night and I hopefully will remeber to come back tomorrow.